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Life And Crimes
Of Alice Cooper


CD 1

Dont Blow Your Mind (The Spiders 1966)
Hitch Hike (The Spiders 1965)
Why Dont You Love Me (The Spiders 1965)
Lay Down And Die, Goodbye (The Nazz 1967)
Nobody Likes Me (Demo 1968)
Levity Ball (Studio 1968)
Reflected (Pretties For You 1969)
Mr And Misdemeanor (Easy Action 1970)
Refrigerator Heaven (Easy Action 1970)
Caught In A Dream (Love It To Death 1971)
Im Eighteen (Love It To Death 1971)
Is It My Body (Love It To Death 1971)
Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Love It To Death 1971)
Under My Wheels (Killer 1971)
Be My Lover (Killer 1971)
Desperado (Killer 1971)
Dead Babies (Killer 1971)
Killer (Killer 1971)
Call It Evel (Demo 1971)
Gutter Cat (Schools Out 1972)
Schools Out (Schools Out 1972)

CD 2

Hello Hooray (Billion Dollar Babies 1973)
Elected (Billion Dollar Babies 1973)
Billion Dollar Babies
(Billion Dollar Babies 1973)
No More Mr Nice Guy
(Billion Dollar Babies 1973)
I Love The Dead (Billion Dollar Babies 1973)
Slick Black Limousine
(New Musical Express 1973)
Respect For The Sleepers (Demo 1973)
Muscle Of Love (Muscle Of Love 1973)
Teenage Lament '74 (Muscle Of Love 1973)
Working Up A Sweat (Muscle Of Love 1973)
Man With The Golden Gun
(Muscle Of Love 1973)
Im Flash (The Zorg Women 1975)
Space Pirates (The Zorg Women 1975)
Welcome To My Nightmare
(Welcome To My Nightmare 1975)
Only Woman Bleed (Singel version 1975)
Cold Ethyl (Welcome To My Nightmare 1975)
Departhment Of Youth
(Welcome To My Nightmare 1975)
Escape (Welcome To My Nightmare 1975)
I Never Cry (Goes To Hell 1976)
Go To Hell (Goes To Hell 1976)

CD 3

Its Hot Tonight (Lace And Whiskey 1977)
You And Me (Lace And Whiskey 1977)
I Miss You (Battle Axe 1977)
No Time For Tears (Sextette Outtake 1977)
(Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club 1978)
From The Inside (From The Inside 1978)
How You Gonna See Me Now
(From The Inside 1978)
No Tricks (Singel B Sida 1978)
Road Rats (Roadie 1980)
Clones "Were All" (Flush The Fashion 1980)
Pain (Flush The Fashion 1980)
Who Do You Think We Are
(Special Forces 1980)
Look At You Over There,
Ripping The Sawdust From My Teddy Bear
(Outtake 1980)
For Britain Only (UK Singel 1982)
I Am The Future (Zipper Catches Skin 1982)
Tag, Youre It (Zipper Catches Skin 1982)
Former Lee Warmer (DaDa 1983)
I Love America (DaDa 1983)
Identity Crises (Monster Dog 1984)
See Me In The Mirror (Monster Dog 1984)
Hard Rock Summer (Friday The 13th 1986)

CD 4

Hes Back (Demo 1986)
Hes Back
(Constrictor (Friday The 13th) 1986)
Teenage Frankenstein (Constrictor 1986)
Freedom (Raise Your Fist And Yell 1987)
Under My Wheels (The Decline Of Western Civilization 1988)
I Got A Line On You (Iron Eagle II 1988)
Poison (Trash 1989)
Trash (Trash 1989)
Only My Heart Talkin (Trash 1989)
Hey Stoopid (Hey Stoopid 1991)
Feed My Frankenstein (Hey Stoopid 1991)
Fire (Singe B Sida)
Lost In America (The Last Temptation 1994)
Its Me (The Last Temptation 1994)
Hands Of Death
(Med Rob Zombie The X Files 1996)
Is Anyone Home? (A Fistful Of Alice 1997)
Stolen Prayer (The Last Temptation 1994)

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= Album-mix OBS! filerna kan ta tid att ladda s ha tlamod LOFI-variant kommer senare.


Pretties For You

Easy Action (1970)
Love It To Death (1971)
Killer (1971)
Schools Out (1972)
Billion Dollar Babies (1973)
Muscle Of Love (1973)
Welcome To My Nightmare (1975)
Goes To Hell (1976)
Lace And Whiskey (1977)
From The Inside (1978)

Flush The Fashion (1980)
Special Forces (1981)
Zipper Catches Skin (1982)
DaDa (1983)
Constrictor (1986)
Raise Your Fist And Yell (1987)
Trash (1989)

Hey Stoopid (1991)
The Last Temptation (1994)

Brutal Planet (2000)

Dragontown (2001)

The Eyes Of Alice Cooper (2003)

Dirty Diamonds (2005)

Live & Samlingar

At The Whiskey A Go Go
Freak Out Songs (1969)
School Days (1973)
Greatest Hits (1974)
Alice Cooper Show (1977)
The Beast Of Alice Cooper (1989)
Classicks (1995)
A Fistful Of Alice (1997)
Super Hits (1999)
Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper (1999)
Definitive Alice Cooper (2001)
Hell Is (2003)