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I Love America

I love that mountain with those four big heads
I love Velveeta slapped on Wonder Bread
I love commie...if´n he´s good and dead yup
I love America

I love Old Glory and homemade pie
I think them Ruskies should be sterilized
I love my chicken Kentucky Fried
...Finger Licken´ Good!

I love General Patton in W.W. II
My pocket Fisherman and my Crazy Glue
I love the Beav and Walley to

I love the bomb hot dogs and mustard
I love my girl but I sure don´t trust her
I love what the Indiand did to Custer
Here they come!
There they go!

I love my jeans and I love my hair
I love a real tight skirt and a real nice pair
And on the fourth of july
I love the rockets´ red glare

I watch the A-Team every Tuesday night
I gradjeeted but I ain´t to bright
I love Dee-troit ´cause I was born to fight

I love the Tigers but I hate the Mets
I ride my Hog but I race my Vette
I gotta job but hell I´m still in dept

I love my bar and I love my truck
I´d do most anything to make a buck
I love a waitress who loves to...flirt
They´re the best kind

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