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No Man's Land

I got a job in Atlanta in a mall playing Santa
Not because of any talent but because I was
The only the suit would fit
Everybody shopping, little sticky kids were
Hopping on my lap
With their fingers in my beard
I guess they thought that I was really it
She sat down on my lap and said to me
"I´m twenty three and I need someone
You look like someone who could play
With me stay u ith me all day with me"

´Cause I´m in no man´s land
Can´t seem to find a real man
You know I´m in no man´s land
I´m gonna show you a real good time
I´d gladly pay you double overtime

She was beggin´ to be mine
But my job was on the line
Should I stay or should I go?
I just didn´t know

I left fifty kids standing in line
They were whining
They were crying
And their mothers they were
Screaming in hysterics
And I swear
I never heard such profanily
I dropped my suit on the floor
They were trying to block the door
They were calling her a whore
They were driven to nativital insanity
We drove away in her Mercedes Benz
Dirty blond split ends in the breeze
She said "I want to put you under my tree
You´re just a little gift from me to me"

She had money all her life
She wasn´t lookin´ to become my wife
She said "I hope you understand
I just want a nightful of man, Sonny"

She didn´t notice
I was thin with a delicate chin
Nor the softness of my skin nor the scent
Of my other personalities
She didn´t see through my disguise
Didn´t see it in my eyes
She was in for a surprise when she discoverd
My emotional plurality

She said "Come and lay down on the floor
It´s warmer here by the fire"
She didn´t know that there was more of me
She´d have to learn to love all four of me

´Cause I´m in no man´s land
I´m lookin´ for the real me

If only I could feel me
You know I´m in no man´s land
Sometimes I gotta play me
It´s really hard to stay me
I´m in no mans land

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