/ Texter / Pain

(Flush The Fashion)

I´m hidden in the scream
When the virgin dies
I´m the ache in the belly
When the baby cries
And I´m the burnin´ sensation
When the convict fries

I´m pain
I´m your pain
Unspeakable pain
I´m your private pain

And I´m compound fracture
In the twisted car
And I´m the lines on the face
On the tramp at the bar
And I´m the reds by the bed
Of the suicide star

You know me - I´m pain
I´m your pain
Your own private pain
Unfathomable pain

And it´s a compliment to me
To hear you screamin´ thru the night
All night

I´m the holes in your arm
When you´re feelin´ the shakes
I´m the lump on your head
When you step on the rake

And I´m the loudest one laughin
At the saddest wake

Yes, I´m pain
I´m just pain
Dear old pain
You need your pain

I´m the salt in the sweat
On the cuts of the slaves
I was the wound in the side
While Jesus prayed
I was the filthiest word
At the vandalized grave

Yes, I´m pain
Do ya love me pain
I love my pain
I´m your pain

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