Unholy War
(The Last Temptation)

From the start of life
To my dying day
In the dark of night
And the burning light of day
Its a bloody fight
But I cant walk away
Im prime for the front line

Unholy war, unholy war
Ill try, Ill fight until I die
Unholy war, unholy war
I see, I know, youll always be

You see my burning fuse
From a mile away
I took your cruel abuse
Lord took away my shame
I learned to bite the hand
That used to pull my chain
Well fight, cause we aint on the same side

Were in an unholy war, unholy war
Ill try, yeah Ill fight until I die

When Im all alone - Unholy
With your thoughts of pain - Unholy
I can break on through - Unholy
With just an ounce of faith - Unholy

Youre shaking in your boots
Because its judgment day
Ill get my just rewards
And youll have your hell to pay
Theres no time to throw out the lifeline

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