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10 Minutes Before The Worm - [Pretties For You]

Adaptable - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
Alma Mater - [School's Out]
Apple Bush - [Pretties For You]
Asprin Damage - [Flush The Fashion]
The Awakening - [Welcome To My Nightmare]

B.B. On Mars - [Pretties For You]
Backyard Brawl - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Bad Place Alone - [The Last Temptation]
Ballad Of Dwight Fry - [Love It To Death]
Be My Lover - [Killer]
Be With You Awhile - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Beautiful Flyaway - [Easy Action ]
Because - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Bed Of Nails - [Trash]
Below Your Means - [Easy Action]
Between High School And The Old School - [The Eyes Of AC]
Big Apple Dreamin´ - [Muscle Of Love ]
Billion Dollar Babies - [Billion Dollar Babies ]
Black Juju - [Love It To Death]
The Black Widow - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
Blow Me A Kiss - [Brutal Planet]
Blue Turk - [School's Out]
Brutal Planet - [Brutal Planet]
Burning Our Bed - [Hey Stoopid]
Bye Bye Baby - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]

Caught In A Dream - [Love It To Death]
Call It Evel - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Changing Arranging - [Pretties For You]
Chop Chop Chop - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Cleansed By Fire - [The Last Temptation]
Clones (We´re All) - [Flush The Fashion]
Cold Ethyl - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
Cold Machines - [Brutal Planet]
Crawlin - [Constrictor]
Crazy Little Child - [Muscle Of Love]

Damned If You Do - [Lace & Whiskey]
Dance Yourself To Death - [Flush The Fashion]
Dangerous Tonight - [Hey Stoopid]
Dead Babies - [Killer]
Deeper - [Dragontown]
Department Of Youth - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
Desperado - [Killer]
Detroit City - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Devils Food - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
Didn´t We Meet - [Goes To Hell]
Die For You - [Hey Stoopid]
Dirty Diamonds - [Dirty Diamonds]
Dirty Dreams - [Hey Stoopid]
Disgraceland - [Dragontown]
Don't Blow Your Mind - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Don´t Talk Old To Me - [Special Forces]
Dragontown - [Dragontown]
Dyslexia - [DaDa]

Earwig To Eternity - [Pretties For You]
Eat Some More - [Brutal Planet]
Elected - [Billion Dollar Babies]
Enough´s Enough - [DaDa]
Escape - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
Every Woman Has A Name - [Dragontown]

Fantasy Man - [Dragontown]
Feed My Frankenstein - [Hey Stoopid]
Fields Of Regret - [Pretties For You]
Fire - [Classics]
For Britain Only - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Former Lee Warmer - [DaDa]
Freedom - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Fresh Blood - [DaDa]
From The Inside - [From The Inside]
For Veronica´s Sake - [From The Inside]

Gail - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Generation Landslide - [Billion Dollar Babies]
Gimme - [Brutal Planet]
Give It Up - [Constrictor]
Give The Kid A Break - [Goes To Hell]
Give The Radio Back - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Go To Hell - [Goes To Hell]
Going Home - [Goes To Hell]
The Great American Success Story - [Constrictor]
Grim Facts - [Flush The Fashion]
Guilty - [Goes To Hell]
Gutter Cat Vs The Jets - [School's Out]

Hands Of Death - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Halo Of Flies - [Killer]
Halloweed Be My Name - [Love It To Death]
Hard Hearted Alice - [Muscle Of Love]
Hard Rock Summer - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
He´s Back - [Constrictor]
Headlines - [Flush The Fashion]
Hell Is Living Without You - [Trash]
Hello Hooray - [Billion Dollar Babies]
Hey Stoopid - [Hey Stoopid]
Hitch Hike - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
House Of Fire - [Trash]
How You Gonna See Me Now - [From The Inside]
Hurricane Years - [Hey Stoopid]

I´m Alive - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
I´m Always Chasing Rainbows - [Goes To Hell]
I´m Eighteen - [Love It To Death]
I'm Flash - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
I´m So Angry - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
I´m The Coolest - [Goes To Hell]
I´m Your Gun - [Trash]
I Am The Future - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
I Better Be Good - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
I Got A Line On You - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
I Just Wanna Be God - [Dragontown]
I Like Girls - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
I Love America - [DaDa]
I Love The Dead - [Billion Dollar Babies]
I Miss You - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
I Never Cry - [Goes To Hell]
I Never Wrote Those Songs - [Lace & Whiskey]
Identity Crises - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Inmates - [From The Inside]
Is Anyone Home? - [A Fistful Of Alice]
Is It My Body - [Love It To Death]
It´s Hot Tonight - [Lace & Whiskey]
It´s Me - [The Last Temptation]
It´s Much Too Late - [Dragontown]
It´s The Little Things - [Brutal Planet]

Jackknife Johnny - [From The Inside]

Killer - [Killer]
King Of The Silver Screen - [Lace & Whiskey]

Lace And Whiskey - [Lace & Whiskey]
Laughing At Me - [Easy Action]
Lay Down And Die Goodbye - [Easy Action]
Leather Boots - [Flush The Fashion]
Levity Ball - [Pretties For You]
Life And Death Of The Party - [Constrictor]
Little By Little - [Hey Stoopid]
Living - [Pretties For You]
Lock Me Up - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Long Way To Go - [Love It To Death]
Look At You Over There.... - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Lost In America - [The Last Temptation]
Love´s A Loaded Gun - [Hey Stoopid]
Love Should Never Feel Like This - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Lullaby - [The Last Temptation]
Luney Tune - [School's Out]

Make That Money - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
Man Of The Year - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Man With The Golden Gun - [Muscle Of Love]
Mary Ann - [Billion Dollar Babies]
Might As Well Be On Mars - [Hey Stoopid]
Millie And Billie - [From The Inside]
Model Citizen - [Flush The Fashion]
Mr And MisDemeanor - [Easy Action]
Muscle Of Love - [Muscle Of Love]
My God - [Lace & Whiskey]
My Stars - [School's Out]

Never Been Sold Before - [Muscle Of Love]
No Balony Homosapiens - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
No Longer Umpire - [Pretties For You]
No Man´s Land - [DaDa]
(No More) Love At Your Conveience - [Lace & Whiskey]
No More Mr. Nice Guy - [Billion Dollar Babies]
No Time For Tears - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
No Tricks - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Nobody Likes Me - [Freak Out Song etc.]
Not That Kind Of Love - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Nothing´s Free - [The Last Temptation]
Novocaine - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Nuclear Infected - [Flush The Fashion]
Nurse Rozetta - [From The Inside]

Only My Heart Talkin´ - [Trash]
Only Women Bleed - [Welcome To My Nightmare]

Pain - [Flush The Fashion]
Painting A Picture - [Freak Out Song etc.]
Pass The Gun Around - [DaDa]
Perfect - [Dirty Diamonds]
Pessi-Mistic - [Brutal Planet]
Pick Up The Bones - [Brutal Planet]
Poison - [Trash]
Prettiest Cop On The Block - [Special Forces]
Pretty Ballerina - [Dirty Diamonds]
Prince Of Darkness - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Public Animal #9 - [School's Out]

The Quite Room - [From The Inside]

Raped And Freezin´ - [Billion Dollar Babies]
Reflected - [Pretties For You]
Refrigeration Heaven - [Easy Action]
Remarkably Insincere - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
Respect For The Sleepers - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Return Of The Spiders - [Easy Action]
Road Rats - [Lace & Whiskey]
Roses On White Lace - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Run Down The Devil - [Dirty Diamonds]

The Saga Of Jesse Jane - [Dirty Diamonds]
Sanctuary - [Brutal Planet]
Scarlet And Sheba - [DaDa]
School´s Out - [School's Out]
Second Coming - [Love It To Death]
See Me In The Mirror - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
The Sentinel - [Dragontown]
Serious - [From The Inside]
Seven & Seven Is - [Special Forces]
Sex Death And Money - [Dragontown]
Shoe Salesman - [Easy Action]
Sick Things - [Billion Dollar Babies]
Sideshow - [The Last Temptation]
Simple Disobedience - [Constrictor]
Sing Low Sweet Cheerio - [Pretties For You]
Sister Sara - [Dragontown]
Six Hours - [Dirty Diamonds]
Skeletons In The Closet - [Special Forces]
Slick Black Limousine - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Snakebite - [Hey Stoopid]
Some Folks - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
Somewhere In The Jungle - [Dragontown]
The Song That Didn't Rhyme - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Space Pirates - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Spark In The Dark - [Trash]
Spirits Rebellious - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Steal That Car - [Dirty Diamonds]
Stand - [Dirty Diamonds]
Step On You - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Steven - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
Still No Air - [Easy Action]
Stolen Prayer - [The Last Temptation]
Sun Arise - [Love It To Death]
Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies) - [Dirty Diamonds]

Tag You´re It - [Zipper Catches Skin.]
Take It Like A Woman - [Brutal Planet]
Talk Talk - [Flush The Fashion]
Teenage Frankenstein - [Constrictor ]
Teenage Lament ´74 - [Muscle Of Love]
This House Is Hounted - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
This Maniacs´ In Love With You - [Trash]
Thrill My Gorilla - [Constrictor]
Time To Kill - [Raise Your Fist And Yell]
Today Mueller - [Pretties For You]
Trash - [Trash]
Trick Bag - [Constrictor]
Triggerman - [Dragontown]

Ubangi Stomp - [Lace & Whiskey]
Under My Wheels - [Killer]
Unfinished Sweet - [Billion Dollar Babies]
Unholy War - [The Last Temptation]

Vicious Rumours - [Special Forces]

Wake Me Gently - [Goes To Hell ]
Welcome To My Nightmare - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
What Do You Want From Me - [The Eyes Of Alice Cooper]
Who Do You Think We Are - [Special Forces]
Why Don't You Love Me - [Life & Crime Of A.C]
Why Trust You - [Trash]
Wicked Young Man - [Brutal Planet]
Wind-Up Toy - [Hey Stoopid]
Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills - [From The Inside]
Wish You Were Here - [Goes To Hell]
Woman Machine - [Muscle Of Love]
Woman Of Mass Distraction - [Dirty Diamonds]
Working Up A Sweat - [Muscle Of Love]
The World Needs Guts - [Constrictor]

Yeah Yeah Yeah - [Killer]
Years Ago - [Welcome To My Nightmare]
You And Me - [Lace & Whiskey]
You Drive Me Nervous - [Killer]
You Gotta Dance - [Goes To Hell]
You Look Good In Rags - [Special Forces]
You Make Me Wanna - [Dirty Diamonds]
You Want It You Got It - [Special Forces]
You´re A Movie - [Special Forces]
You´re My Last Temptation - [The Last Temptation]
Your Own Worst Enemy - [Dirty Diamonds]

Zombie Dance - [Dirty Diamonds]
Zorro´s Ascent - [Zipper Catches Skin.]

Identity Crises
(Life & Crimes Of Alice Cooper)

Sometimes I'm James Bond
Sometimes I'm Billy The Kid
Sometimes I feel like Sherlock Holmes
Sometimes I feel like Jack The Ripper

'Cause I got an image out of control
Identity crisisis
I don't need a new face
'Cause mine's been erased
Identity crisisis

Sometimes I'm on a case
Sometimes I'm shooting bad dudes
Sometimes I'm slashing the face
Sometimes I'm looking for clues
Sometimes I'm braking the law
Sometimes I'm solving a crime
I'm always fast on the draw
I get the girls all the time

'Cause I got an image out of control
Identity crisisis
I don't need a new face
'Cause mine's been erased
Identity crisisis

Sometimes I'm James Bond
Sometimes I'm Billy The Kid
Sometimes I feel like Sherlock Holmes
Sometimes I feel like Jack The Ripper

'Cause I got an image out of control
Identity crisisis
I don't need a new face
'Cause mine's been erased
Identity crisisis

'Cause I got an image out of control
Identity crisisis
I don't need a new face
'Cause mine's been erased
Identity crisisis